National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Lee County, NC Chapter # 5447
PO Box 3331
Sanford, NC 27331
PH: 919.478.1664

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People                        Lee County NC Chapter
                                     Sanford, NC 27330

National Association for the Advancement of Color People


Ervin Fox - President/Chair
Pastor Mamie Hooker - Vice President
Bette Turner - Executive Director
Brenda Johnson - Secretary
Pastor Arthur Simmons, Jr. - Treasurer
Gracie Turner - Membership Chair
Shermita Jackson - Program Committee Chair
Imani Jackson - Youth Coordinator / Religious Affairs 
Syvella Robinson - Public Relations/ Media Communications

Moral Mondays...The Fight Continues

Welcome to the Lee County NAACP

Message from our President...


It is an honor and priviledge to serve as the President of the Lee County Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the largest civil rights organization in America. For 100 years this organization has dedicated itself to the struggle against injustice and inequality for all Americans. The Lee County Branch remains committed to these efforts to this day.


We are at a new beginning...a time for each of us to move from a position of complacency and apathy, to one of meaningful purpose and action! It is this purpose that will bring about change for the betterment of our communities, as well as society as a whole. We must educate, prepare, and engage our young people to stand and work with passion, committment, and dedication. No one person can accomplish these goals alone; it is a collaboration of our diversified communities who are willing to confront discrimination and injustice that will yield results. This kind of unity will ultimately mold and shape the courses of events necessary to secure an equal, lawful, and prosperous society for all of mankind. We must strive in these perilous times to remain strong, active, and optimistic that our efforts will not be fruitless; but instead a productive foundational platform for our children of tomorrow.


Yes we WILL face many challenges. But with God's help and your support, committment, and participation...we can stand, speak, and strive for what is constitutional and morally ethical. Amongst these are life...liberty...and the pursuit of happiness.


I invite and urge each one of you to become an active member of the NAACP and provide your support to the cause of eliminating injustice and inequality for all Americans.





Ervin J. Fox

President of the Lee County NAACP  Chapter

The Lee County NAACP Chapter is dedicated to the irradication of racial discrimination, and social prejudices that have been a hinderance for African American's throughout history. Our organization takes pride in taking an aggressive stance against social injustice, and legislation that promote inequality.

The County of Lee NC is the smallest county in the state of North Carolina, with an estimated inhabitant of 20.5% of African Americans and 75.4% of the Caucasian population. With such a small voice, the NAACP has to ensure that our community concerns are heard. Some of the current issues currently being addressed by the Lee County NAACP Chapter are as follows:

  • Biased NC Voter ID Bill
  • Proposed House bill 490 which makes City Counsel and School Board Elections Partisan
  • Fracking
  • Implementation of non-profit organization to teach African American Studies,and Cultural Awareness
  • Neighborhood Watch program to eliminate crime in the community
  • "Step Up" program to rehabilitate African American males in the areas of violence and criminal activity
  • "Youth Rally" to allow the minority youth to have a voice and express concerns.

The NAACP recognizes that the youth in Lee County are at a disadvantage concerning social, economic, and educational issues. We as an organization understand that it is not up to goverment institutions to install value, integrity, and ethics to our youth, we have to be accountable. However, we cannot do so without the support of our caring communities. To donate to our cause, please make checks payable to:

Lee County NAACP

PO Box 3331
Sanford, NC 27331
PH: 919.478.1664